What’s in your Stack?

Jenga Wood blocks stack game on wood background

The list of marketing products and services that we have available to us is ever increasing. Each one a little exciting and a little confusing, and leaving you with the big all important question – should I use this product too?

Every time you say yes, you are stacking new technologies into your arsenal of  tools that you use to implement and analyze your marketing efforts to help you either achieve success or failure in the market-place you are out to dominate.  This complete set of tools is called your Marketing Stack.  Read more

Why Martek instead of Martech?

Welcome to the Martek report, a place to discover the latest trends and insights into Marketing Technology.

If you’ve been involved with Marketing or Technology in the past few years, you’ve probably seen the words Martech floating around, but not really the term Martek. Let’s explain why we made a difference, and what it actually means. Read more

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