The ROI Matrix

Call Tracking ROI Platform

The Need

After providing Call Tracking services to many clients for years, Richard Seppala – aka The ROI Guy, knew there needed to be a better solution on how to provide on demand ROI statistics for clients to gauge the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they were using Call Tracking with.

Far too often advertising money was being spent across channels, but clients could not pinpoint which were the optimal ones to focus on.

The Solution

After consulting and analyzing with Richard over the marketing logic, the technology stack and business plan necessary, a strategic development plan was created for the launch of the Software as a Service called “The ROI Matrix”.

Development consisted of integrating multiple API driven Call Tracking solutions and combining business intelligence reports to create an executive dashboard from real-time client feedback to show the cost and ROI of marketing campaigns, and then funnel the resulting lead-generation from call audio into CRM tools of the clients choice.

The Result

  • Successful niche Software as a Service
  • Integrates with three industry call tracking solutions
  • Automatically pushes data into 4 industry CRM tools
  • Used by over 1300 clients
  • Analyzed over 700,000 calls and 200,000 leads

Dentist approved

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